Best Tips on How to Use a Makeup Sponge

Makeup sponge for substrate application

The makeup sponge is the ultimate must-have in any makeup kit, whether you are a fan of minimalism, a professional makeup artist, a certified fashionista, or someone who only applies makeup on special occasions. 

Through the years, manufacturers and designers of beauty products have been introducing different shapes of makeup sponges, including egg, triangle, and pear shaped makeup blender sponges.

These different sponges come in handy if you need to apply your SPF evenly or remove any ugly blemishes. Having said that, there are several important usage and handling tips you need to follow to make the most out of this makeup tool.

Clean Makeup Sponges After Each Use

Every time you use a makeup blender sponge, dirt particles, oil, and dead skin particles can attach to it and increase the risks of skin infections and breakouts. Cleaning your sponges once weekly is never enough and instead, you need to do this after each use without fail.

How to apply foundation with a makeup sponge for beginners

In order to remove minute and prominent dirt particles, you need to run the sponges under running tap water. Use a soft paper towel to dry them and use a mild soap and olive soil to clean their body. See to it that the sponge doesn’t hold back any moisture before you store it.  

Dry or Wet the Sponge as Needed Before Using It

See to it that you wet the makeup sponge every time before using it, especially if you are applying a liquid-based makeup like liquid foundation to guarantee an even application. Be sure to squeeze out any excess water with a dry paper towel. Again, always dry off the sponge to be sure that it will not hold any moisture before using it. 

Makeup sponge Lovely
Makeup sponge eliminates lines and streaks that other blenders leave behind

Put the Sponge to Different Uses

The egg-shaped makeup sponges as well as other modern models are meant to perform various roles, with their use going far beyond than merely applying foundation and makeup. 

This makeup tool can also be used for even application of skin care products like serums, SPF, and moisturizers. Makeup sponges features soft edges that make them perfect for use around the delicate parts like the under eye area. 

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Discard Old Makeup Sponges on a Regular Basis

A makeup sponge also comes with its own expiration date and it will no longer serve any purpose once it has completed its lifecycle no matter how careful you are every time you use, clean, and store it. Average products have a useful life of up to 3 months and after this, they will start to rip and lose color, making it hard for you to guarantee an even application. 

You Won’t Achieve Desired Results with Rubbing

Rubbing the sponge against your skin will not only make it impossible to achieve the desired results as it can also shorten the service life of your makeup tool. To prevent this issue, experts recommend users to follow the so-called stippling technique. 

To do this method, you need to clean the makeup sponge properly under warm water then bounce this gently along the skin after making sure that it is free from moisture. You can the press the surface in order to deposit makeup to achieve a natural look. This method can help in get more coverage using fewer products to avoid wastage.

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