Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Sunglasses Ladies

Wearing sunglasses ladies means that you have to deal with your makeup in a slightly different way. Some techniques and tricks can help ensure that your pretty face don’t get covered up by your glasses. 

When you know how to pull it off, you can turn your glasses into a lovely accessory instead of a focal point that draws the attention away from your face. Make sure to avoid these mistakes when wearing your glasses and makeup together. 

Skimping on Your Mascara 

Don’t hesitate to show off your eyelashes. See to it that your eyes get their much-deserved dramatic effect by opting for a mascara that will deliver your preferred finish, whether it is curl, definition, volume, or length. 

Give your lashes a few good coats and ensure to catch your lashes at the outer and inner corners. It will give those peepers the pop you have always wanted. Compliments will surely come your way if you follow this trick.

Avoid leaving your sunglasses in direct sunlight, as this can cause the lenses to warp and crack.

Going for Too Dark Blush Shade 

It is all too easy for your blush and mascara to compete with each since both of them are set near the cheekbone. To prevent it from happening, stay away from dramatic or dark blushes. Go for a more natural blush shade instead and apply it lightly. Applying more is possible but it might be hard to remove it without having to redo your makeup all over again. 

Having Dull Lips 

You need color on your lips. Your lips balance out everything happening with your eye makeup and sunglasses ladies on the upper part of your face. The color doesn’t really matter because what is important is to have something on your lips.

Going a bit bolder won’t hurt but you can also keep up with the popular nude trend today. If ever you are not really a big fan of lipstick, you can always settle for the gloss you like. 

Using a Lifeless Eyeshadow 

You have to work a bit more to attract more attention to your eyes since they are behind your glasses. Never allow your frame to swallow them up. Pick eyeshadow shades with a shimmer. This can help catch the light and attract attention right where it really belongs, and that is none other than your eyes. In case you prefer matte shades, see to it that you add a few light colors for everything to stay iridescent. 

Wearing Matching Frames and Eyeliner

If your frames and liner match, it would be hard to notice your eyes at all. Choose a liner that is a shade or two lighter and blend it using a cotton swab to avoid that harsh look and still emphasize your eyes to make them stand out and pop. 

Mixing Thick and Thin 

Thin frames call for thinner eyeliner lines while thick frames need thick eyeliner. Combining two different thicknesses can over or under exaggerate your eyes, which depends on the mix, something that you wouldn’t want at all. 

The next time you put on your sunglasses ladies, be sure to stay away from these mistakes to pull off your makeup well!

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