Discover the Secrets of Position Lights

position lights

What are position lights? Where can you find them in your vehicle? Do they turn on automatically? How do they work in the first place?

If you’re like most drivers, chances are you’ve never heard about position or parking lights during your driving class. But don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you were busy sleeping or doing something else. Parking lights are among the most misunderstood and overlooked parts of a car most drivers even find it hard to identify them. 

To finally put an end to the confusion, here are some of the important things you should know about these small but helpful lights that will make you appreciate having them. 

What are Position Lights?

It’s not easy to define position or parking lights. It’s easier to explain what these lights are not. For example, these lights are not daytime running lights or fog lights. They also differ from headlights, although some cars have both in one unit. While these lights are also used to circuit through a similar system as signal lights, these aren’t necessarily the turn signal light or blinker light. 

vehicle with position lamps on the road
It is not necessary to mark the vehicle with position lamps on a road on which road lighting ensures good visibility of the vehicle or if the vehicle is stopped or parked in a marked parking space. They are engaged before you leave and after you park your car. This lighting system won’t drain the battery but is still visible enough to alert other drivers

Parking lights are also not connected to brake lights in any way and are separate from the hazard lights that you use every time you park. Parking lights are also often confused with the parking sensors or the small lights that might engage every time your parking assist system helps you back again. Once again, however, these aren’t the same as parking lights. 

The consensus here is that position lights are a somewhat outdated light system on the rear, side, or front of a vehicle. Originally, these lights were meant for parking. These days, their primary function is to make a car more visible while on the road. This is where the consensus ends. Here onwards, parking lights may look different depending on the vehicle’s age and the car manufacturer. 

How to Turn Position Lights On or Off in Opel Astra H GTC (2004 -2014) – Use Position Lights

Parking lights, for starters, don’t have a universal placement. You can find these lights on the outer edge of the headlights on most cars although some are located on the inner edge.

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