Beginner’s Guide for Cycling Clothes

Cycling clothes for men

Thanks to modern Yogi cycling clothes, there is simply no reason to compromise your comfort levels even during the most atrocious riding conditions. Here is a short guide on how to enjoy a great ride on hot and cold days.

Sunny and Hot

Bib shorts

Bib shorts are more superior than standard shorts that are more comfortable and won’t slip down during drops. Choose a quality brand with decent pad that is important for comfort on long rides. 

Important climbing tips when riding your mountain bike and why you should invest in cycling bib shorts.

Short sleeved jersey

A staple for cycling, make sure that your short sleeved jersey features three rear pockets with decent size and a full length zipper to ensure that you stay cool during long climbs.   

Singlet or vest

Wick away sweat by wearing a thin vest under the jersey to stay cooler. A string style vest is very comfortable and effective. 


The last thing you want during a long ride is to suffer from sunburn. Pay extra attention to the back of the neck since this is especially exposed during rides. 


Not only for looking cool and posing, sunglasses can keep your eyes safe from wind, insects, and grit. 

Track mitts

These will keep your hands protected during a crash. The padding on palms can absorb the vibrations of the road and put off hand numbness. 

Chilly and Cold


To stay comfortable, your baselayer must be close fitting, can wick away sweat from the skin, and keep you insulated during damp conditions. You can go for synthetics but Merino wool is worthy to consider for the highest level of possible performance. 

Cycling clothes for women
Baselayer is one of the most important cycling clothes for cold weather

Bib tights

Bib tights have shoulder straps that can help prevent slipping down and ensure that your lower back doesn’t get exposed when you lean forwards on your bike and offer additional layer around the torso. These cycling clothes help you stay warm with fleecy Roubaix lining and windproof panels on front part. 


Aside from cold feet and ears, numb and frozen hands can surely make your rides miserable. But, you still need to operate the shifters and brakes so wearing thick mittens won’t be enough. Look for some insulation and good water or wind resistance. You can also wear ski gloves if not too bulky and Merino wool liners or think silk can also make a big difference. The palms are also padded on cycling specific gloves. 


This is a type of close fitting hat that you will wear under your bike helmet. Pick one with windproof panels found on the front, decent ear covering, and fleece lining for very cold weather.


Avoid too thick socks that can tighten your shoes, limit circulation and make your feet feel colder. You can go for Merino wool socks as these can work brilliantly and are not too bulky. You can also get breathable and waterproof socks lined with Merino wool that are also particularly effective. 

Other cycling clothes that you need for cold weather conditions include softshell or waterproof jacket, sunglasses, winter weight long sleeved jersey, and winter booties or overshoes. 

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