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Universal roof bars for cars

Many first of all wonder if universal roof bars for cars are illegal. is one of the most important questions to ask yourself before a purchase, in fact, if you intend to travel to a different state, you will need to inquire about the laws governing roof rack dimensions and loading. Each state has a unique set of rules that, if not followed, could result in you paying a hefty fine.

Which universal car roof bars fit my car?

The universal roof bars for cars are, precisely, universal but the roofs of the car have different shapes and require particular specifications, so once you understand what characterizes your roof you can choose the universal roof bars for cars. Fortunately, the attack systems to consider are not infinite and we can make the necessary pre-purchase distinctions. Let’s see them together.

Roof rack for bikes on universal roof bars for cars

Bare roof systems

These are car roofs without means for attaching roof racks such as rails, gutters or fixed mounting points. Here you will use clamp-on cross bars or bolt a roof rack system to your car by drilling holes in the body of the roof or choose the universal car roof bars with specific adhesives, a universal system but limited in load capacity.

2020 Hyundai Tucson bare roof rack install

Fixed point systems

These roofing systems come with four factory installed fixed points. It is to these points that universal car roof bars attach. Beanies or weather jacket often cover the spots. Roof rack systems have crossbars that mount to these fixed points.

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