Additional space for your car

universal roof bars

Car roof rails are standard components attached to the top of your vehicle. However, you should know that these are not standard parts on all vehicles, in fact, most do not have them when they leave the factory. These roof bars serve as mounting points for cross bars and other accessories such as cargo boxes, ski racks, and roof racks. Those who have not fitted them as standard tend to choose universal roof bars.

What is the principle behind the universal roof bars?

universal roof bars on the car roof
With universal roof bars, you will be able to put some of your gear on the roof.

It is as if the roof acts as an external fence, an addition to the load capacity, and can also be used to secure equipment or luggage that is stored on the car roof. The biggest advantage is precisely the addition of space. With this device installed, you won’t have to worry about overloading the trunk because you will be able to put some of your gear on the roof.

A car with a roof handrail is very useful: it provides more durable support for attaching the equipment to the roof, eliminating the need for the conventional rope method. Adding a set of universal roof bars, available at Withcar online, to your vehicle adds a lot of versatility and convenience to use.

Universal roof bars installation guide

Thousands of people, including vacationing families, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, cyclists, and others, find them a great option. Used cars in USA with roof rails can turn out to be a good deal for you, allowing you to have a great vacation without worrying about a lack of transport space.

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