Buy Ljubljana Real Estate in These Coolest Neighborhoods

Ljubljana real estate property

Are you planning to invest in the Ljubljana real estate market soon? Ljubljana is one of the world’s smallest capitals, making moving between the different neighborhoods easy and quick. 

Residents know the borders between different areas even if these are not strictly defined. The city center is its most vibrant part, while the outskirts are ideal for people who want to be up close and personal with nature. 

Stop by the following five Ljubljana neighborhoods and find your next real estate investment:

City Center

Activities are teeming in Ljubljana’s city center, from shopping to dining, partying, and sightseeing. Galleries and museums in the area will also take you on a history and art trip. Streets cater to fashionistas and offer them amazing shopping experiences. 

Aside from the globally renowned brands, the creations of local Slovenian designers are also featured in small boutiques. Tables in restaurant gardens are always filled with people who want to enjoy the company of their friends under the sunshine. 

search for Ljubljana real estate property in Gornji Trg
The city center is its most vibrant part, while the outskirts are ideal for people who want to be up close and personal with nature.

Once nighttime comes, bars in the city create a thriving atmosphere for people who love partying the night away. 


The gorgeous neighborhood of Koseze is only a quick 15-minute bike ride away from Ljubljana city center. The area is perfect for those who love the city lifestyle but still want to be in touch with nature. The pond in the area with a walking trail is a famous spot where residents enjoy relaxation no matter the season.

Koseze Pond, Ljubljana

Young families searching for Ljubljana real estate are also drawn to the neighborhood because the pond also features a children’s playground on the site. Hiking to the nearby Roznik Hill every morning is also a favorite ritual for the active Koseze residents. 

Old Town Ljubljana

Ljubljana’s medieval part, Old Town, can be found right below Ljubljana Castle. Robba Fountain, Town Hall, and the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas are some of the attractions you can see and admire while strolling around Old Town’s cobblestone streets.

Ljubljana real estate property in the Old Town
You can admire Robba Fountain, Town Hall, and the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas while strolling around Old Town’s cobblestone streets when looking for Ljubljana real estate property.

Hidden courtyards and the main street house stores are where you can find unique souvenir items. Old Town Ljubljana is also a great spot to find a Ljubljana real estate property with its many bars and restaurants where you can stop by to get a taste of international and Slovenian cuisine. 

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From Prešern Square, it takes a 10-minute walk to reach Tabor. Tabor Park and the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum are the most visited spots in the neighborhood during the daytime. The huge garden of the café of the museum is where locals grab their caffeine daily. 

Tabor Park also offers shade during hot days of summer and hosts the Sports Center Tabor’s organized events. 

When darkness falls, Metelkova Mesto becomes the primary attraction in the neighborhood. The Autonomous Cultural Center hosts small concerts, performances, and art exhibitions almost every weeknight. 


The trendy neighborhood of Trnovo is where you can find some great Ljubljana real estate options. The green scenery and bars make it a famous choice among locals for evening drinks or coffee dates, especially those who want to try something outside the city center.

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