Experience Thermal Water Effect at the Best Hot Springs in the World

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Have you always dreamt of experiencing the perks of the thermal water effect while soaking in the relaxing sceneries of jungles, mountains, and icebergs? There is actually nothing that can beat the experience of taking a dip in a calming hot spring after spending a long tiring day travelling. Hot springs, all made possible by the geothermally heated water that emerges from the crust of the Earth, provide relaxation and a long list of health perks such as skin detox and stress relief. 

The good news is that many of the best hot springs in the world can be found in stunning destinations that might already be included on your travel bucket list. From Tibet to Turkey to Italy, below are some of the planet’s best hot springs with the most amazing thermal water effects. 

Indonesia’s Banjar Hot Springs

Not many hot springs offer the same tropical serenity as Banjar Hot Springs in northern Bali. Banjar Hot Springs is an oasis fringed with verdant palms adorned with traditional Balinese décor and steamy waters of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

There are two swimming levels at the turquoise Banjar Springs with one family pool, eight intricate dragon spouts, and a single central pool that welcomes all guests. 

The sulfuric content of the water promises a therapeutic and restful experience with towering palm trees, lush gardens, and charming chirping of birds that further transport visitors to their ultimate state of Zen. 

Italy’s Cascata del Mulino 

Cascate del Mulino is the Instagram-worthy hot springs waterfall of Tuscana, although it is usually confused for the deluxe Terme di Saturnia hot springs and hotel just right next door. 

Even if Terme di Saturnia is indeed a restful stop, nothing comes close to Cascata de Mulino’s baby blue water with its free entrance and 24-hour service daily. 

The thermal water effect here seeps through the natural limestone pools to produce an awe-inspiring experience, with temperatures that stay approximately 99 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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