Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets Today

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While most motorcycle gear is considered life-saving, when it comes to helmets, this rings truer than ever. As most state laws require them, it is a no-brainer to get a good motorcycle helmet. But which type suits you best?

Dual or Adventure Sport

A dual or adventure sport helmet is a type of full-face helmet blended with a motocross helmet. This features an extended angular chin bar and visor. This comes with an eye shield that often snaps up to allow using goggles. 

This helmet also features more padding with a more comfortable shape to allow extended use. You can use these for everyday use such as commuting and off-roading alike. 

Full Face

A full-face helmet covers the whole head and includes an eye visor or shield that offers protection for the face.

Since this helmet covers your entire head, it offers the most protection out of all the different types out there. The helmet’s hard-shell wraps over the chin and around the face. The chin is the part that hits first during accidents so this helmet will protect your jawline. 

Motorcycle helmet fitting guide.

The only negative thing about this helmet is that it tends to feel uncomfortable and suffocating. The good news is those modern models now often come with ventilation as well as other advanced features such as Bluetooth speakers. 

Half Face

Fondly called “shorty,” half-face helmets are often a bowl that goes over the top of the head with a chin strap to secure it. This offers the top of the skull some protection but little else. These helmets offer the absolute bare minimum protection that the law requires in most jurisdictions. 

A lot of old-school bikers prefer a half-face helmet not only to feel the wind on the face but for the style as well. These are usually designed to resemble an old military or racing helmet. They don’t have an eye shield, either, which leaves eye protection totally up to the rider’s preferences. 

Modular or Flip-Up

A modular helmet is often called a hybrid since this is the combination of an open-face and full-face helmet. This offers coverage of the entire face, with the hard chin bar lifting together with the eye shield. 

It is the closest thing you can get if you want the best of both worlds. The flip-up helmet offers protection for the entire head while letting you eat or talk with no need to take it off. It is also easier to wear if you are wearing glasses. 

But there is a catch here. Since these helmets are the most advanced out of the rest, these are also the most expensive. 

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It is a no-brainer to get a good motorcycle helmet.

Motocross or Off-Road

A motocross helmet resembles a full-face helmet because it also features a chin bar and wraps around the entire head. The difference is that the chin bar often juts out with the forehead featuring a large visor. It offers maximum protection and allows airflow that cools the rider and stays aerodynamic during racing

Choose the best option for you and your riding needs out of these different types of helmets.

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